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The Technology Transfer and Partnerships Office

signatureLicensing Our Technologies

Many of NASA KSC’s patents are available for licensing.  The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is here to help you navigate the licensing process and assist in assembling the necessary documents.  Below is more detailed information on licensing technologies from NASA KSC.  Also be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions regarding patent licensing.  And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

For additional licensing assistance, please call Jim Nichols at (321) 867-6384 or send e-mail to discuss licensing opportunities.

<empty>Technologies Available for Licensing

KSC's state-of-the-art corrosion research and testing facility has produced a number of technologies that address environmentally compliant coating systems, seawater immersion of metallic alloys and coatings, reinforced concrete protection, and more.

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At the Cryogenics Test Laboratory at KSC our researchers have developed technologies with a focus on thermal insulation systems, cryogenic components, low-temperature applications, and propellant servicing systems.

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KSC’s electronics research falls into several application categories, including optics and photonics, monitoring systems, energy control, communications, imaging software, and data acquisition.

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Important projects at KSC include environmental clean up activities as well as the prevention of environmental contamination. Researchers at KSC have developed technologies that enable the safe removal of environmental toxins and that monitor levels of contamination in real time.

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Addressing technology challenges and needs for advanced materials, KSC has developed numerous materials that have not only benefited the space program but are also useful in applications outside of NASA. Technologies include Insulating materials, electrically conductive polymers, and even materials that act as sensors.

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Robotics Robotics

NASA is renowned for the use of advanced robotics during its exterrestrial missions. KSC is working on new technologies to convert resources such as regolith and ice that are available on a planet’s surface into supplies such as oxygen, water, and fuel that are needed to sustain human life. These robotic technologies can often be scaled up and used for terrestrial applications such as mining and construction.

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Software is a vital component of many technologies necessary for a successful space program. At KSC, software development has included applications for performance testing, scene analysis, and even supply chain management.

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Quick Launch Licensing

NASA is pleased to offer a specially selected portfolio of technologies available for commercial nonexclusive licensing. These QuickLaunch licenses have a set initial fee, annual royalty and standard terms. With QuickLaunch licensing NASA has a goal of quickly turning your license application into a license agreement and transferring the technologies to you. For many technologies you may request an evaluation license for a short term prior to requesting a commercial license.

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